How quickly can I get started with Freedom Mailbox®?

Applications are typically processed same day, but can take up to three (3) days to complete. When we process your application we review the information for completeness and prepare your paperwork (form 1583) for notarization. There are two main parts in getting started;

  1. Signing Up - This step takes just a few moments and includes actions like picking your mailing address, mailbox number, creating your account and entering payment information.
  2. Notarize Form 1583 - We prepare the required form and send it to our online notary partner who then notifies you with instructions for getting the form notarized, all online without ever having to leave your house. If you prefer not to use our online notary partner, we can always send you the form and you can go to any local notary of your choice.

Once complete, we'll review your notarized form (typically within one business) then email you. If approved, your virtual mailbox will be active and immediately ready to receive mail.