Freedom Mailbox® locations are suites based in office buildings shared by multiple businesses and with limited storage space. As such, we have rules and restrictions for certain types of incoming mail that we can accept, handle or maintain.

Large Parcels

  • Any parcel weighing greater than 50 lbs.
  • Any parcel larger than 130" (defined by width + 2x length + 2x height).

Best practice is to let Freedom Mailbox® know when you expect to receive any sizable parcel. This way we can make arrangements prior to receiving your parcel to ensure a smooth delivery.

Prohibited Items (Not Accepted)

  • Alcoholic beverages (e.g., beer, wine, spirits).
  • Collectible and/or irreplaceable items, including but not limited to antiques, fine art, or collectible coins and stamps.
  • Bullion.
  • Collect On Delivery (C.O.D.) shipments.
  • Human corpses, human organs or body parts, human and animal embryos, or cremated or disinterred human remains.
  • Explosives and incendiary devices.
  • Firearms, weaponry, and their parts or ammunition.
  • Perishable contents and foods/beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control.
  • Live animals, eggs, larva, live insects, live spiders.
  • Ivory and endangered animals.
  • Plants and plant material, including cut flowers.
  • Cigarettes (including roll-your-own tobacco) and smokeless tobacco products.
  • Lottery tickets and gambling devices where prohibited by local, state, provincial, or national law.
  • Money (coins, cash, currency, paper money and negotiable instruments equivalent to cash such as endorsed stocks, bonds and cash letters).
  • Pornographic and/or obscene material.
  • Hazardous waste, including, but not limited to, used hypodermic needles or syringes or other medical waste.
  • Shipments that may cause damage to, or delay of, equipment, personnel, or other shipments.
  • Shipments that require Freedom Mailbox® to obtain any special license or permit for storage, transportation, importation or exportation.
  • Shipments or commodities whose carriage, importation or exportation is prohibited by any law, statue or regulation.
  • Shipments with a declared value for customs in excess of that permitted for a specific destination.
  • Dangerous goods, hazardous goods or combustible materials, including but not limited to: asbestos; compressed gases; corrosives (liquid or solid); dry ice (carbon dioxide solid); flammable materials; magnetized material with a magnetic field strength of .002 gauss or more at a distance of 7 feet; poisons, irritants, or controlled substances; oxidizers; lithium batteries.
  • Processed or unprocessed dead animals, including insects and pets.
  • Drugs/narcotics (illegal) or drug paraphernalia.
  • Packages that are wet, leaking, or emit an odor of any kind.
  • Wildlife products that require U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service export clearance prior to exportation from the U.S.
  • Any shipment being processed under: Duty drawback claims; Temporary Import Bonds; U.S. State Department licenses; Carnets; U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration export permit; Shipments destined to or being withdrawn from a Foreign Trade Zone; Letters of Credit; Certificate of Registration shipments (CF4455); Shipments moving into or out of Foreign Trade Zones or bonded warehouses;
  • Shipments requiring filing of Electronic Export Information, or EEI (formerly known as Shipper's Export Declaration, or SED), or any such filing of export data.

Item posted are subject to change without notice.

Policy last modified on January 31, 2018