We understand that the receipt of credit cards and other financial products is completely normal and often an important part of any new or growing business, but if the main reason for obtaining a Freedom Mailbox® account is to be an intermediary for financial or personally sensitive mail items, then we strongly discourage signing up for service.

90-Day Provisionary Period

All new Freedom Mailbox® accounts are automatically entered into a 90-day provisionary period in an effort to allow Freedom Mailbox® staff to determine mail usage. For example, if a Freedom Mailbox® account gets little to no mail other than new credit cards and other financially sensitive mail items, then the Freedom Mailbox® staff reserves the right to deny any open and scan or mail forwarding requests until additional verification can be determined. This denial may be necessary to deter unacceptable use of digital mail room and provide better overall service to other Freedom Mailbox® customers.

If the Freedom Mailbox staff is suspicious of an account's mail activity and suspects possible fraud, it will be reported to the proper authorities for investigation.

Best Practices

Do not request us to scan the back side of a new credit card if received. Any such request will be denied. Best practice is to simply have the mail item forwarded to you.

If you anticipate receiving several financial or personally sensitive mail items in a short period of time, the best practice is to shoot us an email and let us know ahead of time. This not only helps our staff anticipate receipt of your sensitive mail, but also helps us with false-positive alerts.

In general, the longer you have a Freedom Mailbox® account and the more mail activity history you have, the better.

Policy last modified on March 08, 2017