If the main reason for obtaining a Freedom Mailbox® account is to represent your business as having a physical presence at your Freedom Mailbox® address, then we strongly discourage signing up for service. Our addresses are not designed to be a physical location marker for a business, but rather as a public-facing mailing address for remote mail management purposes only.

Verification mail from online services, such as Google My Business, where you are verifying the physical location of your business to your Freedom Mailbox® address is a prohibited use the service.

90-Day Provisionary Period

All new Freedom Mailbox® accounts are automatically entered into a 90-day provisionary period in an effort to allow Freedom Mailbox® staff to determine mail usage. For example, if a Freedom Mailbox® account gets little to no mail other than address and/or physical business verifications, then Freedom Mailbox® staff reserves the right to deny any open and scan or mail forwarding requests for the verification mail items. This denial may be necessary to deter unacceptable use of digital mail room and provide better overall service to those looking for a more permanent mailing address for their business.

Policy last modified on April 28, 2017